Self-Defense is either one-on-one or small group (like a family) depending on the clients request.

Here at Paladin we teach a form of Self-Defense called Deliberate Defense. This is a comprehensive style of martial art, designed to maximize effectiveness of technique – without taking years to master.

Deliberate Defense is comprised of two (2) primary different martial art styles;

1) Kyokushinkai Karate

   This is a Japanese art that was formed in 1974 by Mas Oyama.

   Nate Cools has trained 7 Years in this form, achieved a Black Belt, and competed for several years all over the inland northwest.

2) U.S. Army Combatives

   This style was originally put into practice by the U.S. Army toward the end of WW2. It has evolved with the years, and is considered to be one of the most effective fighting arts today.

   During Nate’s years in the army he achieved instructor rank in Combatives, and was selected to represent his unit at the post level Combatives tournament.

We also instruct on weapon disarming, Tonfa (night stick) Eskrima (stick) and knife fighting.

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