Hi, I’m Nate Cools

Hi, I’m Nate Cools

I’ve been helping people meet their strength & self-defense goals for over 5 years in the Coeur d’Alene area. Everybody has their own goals; I do my best to help clients reach them. Whether you want to add muscle or just have extra strength to do what you love, I can help.

Some of my clients:

A 53 year old man who had been athletic all his life but trained by himself at a local gym for decades was very familiar with exercising techniques and fitness. While compared to many he was fit, but his strength was greatly diminished, his body comp of fat to muscle was off, as he was about 15 pounds over weight, and his energy and cardiovascular stamina was low.

After about 2 months he has stated he has felt as good as he has in at least 10 years. He could finally do pull-ups with his body weight again. He felt as strong as he had in years, his energy level increased, and his mental focus improved. The amazing thing is he only trains once a week for about 30 min, compared to 3 times that on his own.  In our experience he is not an exception, but the rule.

A 18 year old young man is an competitive water polo player. He is a good swimmer, and is “in shape”. However, after one year of 20 min, twice per week personal training with Nathan’s techniques he gained incredible strength, stamina, and endurance. This translated into him being named the MVP on the State Water Polo Championship, and his team winning that title. He has credited his improved success to the training he did with Nathan.

A 67 year old retiree who had lower back pain, limited arm, hip, and body mobility. He also was over weight, and lacked energy, and stamina. After 9 mos. of personal training with Nathan, he dropped 2 belt sizes in his waist. His arm, legs  and body mobility was restored to full range without any pain.

He now walks 10 miles a week, compared to before where it hurt to just walk. He has more energy, and strength than he has in a long time. In fact his overall health has been restored to the point whereby he picked backup practicing Tai Chi after 35 years , and can due reverse high kicks higher, and stronger than most people 50 years younger than him.

A 30 year old mother of two has historically had very difficult, extremely long 17 + hour labors and deliveries, that had required modern medicine in order to ensure success to both mom and child.

She spent 9 months training with Nate. On her 3rd pregnancy, while she was at home she started to feel erratic contractions, but her water had not yet broken , so she took a bath to relax, and wait for more consistent contractions to see of they would go to the hospital to prepare for delivery. After standing up out of the tub her body told her the baby was ready to be born, and 20 minutes later in her house she delivered a healthy baby on the couch in their home. No anesthesia, no doctor, and only 20 min of labor pains. She attributed this miraculous birth to the training she has done with Nate.